Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Finally able to work on my website!

Hey guys.

After lots of time and a quite busy year I was finally able to put up the first version of my website "Telar Digital" (digital loom). The idea is to finally make out some $$$ from all these years of struggling, studying and learning all these 3d packages, programming languages, render engines, etc etc etc.

So if you feel like checking what it's all about just drop by:
Telar Digital

as a final note, and after the latest post I made on Kerkythea, I'd also like to mention a couple of other great free renderers; Indigo and Radium. It seems like the free renderer's field is getting some very serious competitors. All these 3 (Kerkythea and the before mentioned) can produce some amazing and realistic images. To top things off, Kerkythea now supports animation! The only thing is that these renderers are real resource-hogs so you'd better start saving some bucks to get a powerful rig to get these proggies running at their best!

All of them got exporters for Blender, so if you're into the free software stuff, here you'll have some powerful toys to play around with!

see ya!